Qube Logiclast updated: Aug 27, 2010

Qube Logic is a cute and colorful CARVING puzzle game based on logic!
Find the shape hidden in the cubes.
Use the vertical and horizontal numbers as a clue and complete the hidden shape by painting, breaking or rotating the cube.
The game features a total of 100 puzzles.
You'll be able to take control of the Qube Logic by using one hand only. Try this challenging game now!
If you have any suggestions for a new puzzle level, feel free to contact us and share your idea!

縦横の数字をを手がかりに、キューブを塗って壊して、そして回して隠された形を完成させます。 問題は全部で100問。

Release Notes

ver. 1.0.1, Aug 27, 2010

Released Lite version.

ver. 1.0, Aug 13, 2010

First release.

Add function of switching "Smoothness".