CloqWorklast updated: Sep 12, 2010

This app is poor function clock.
Inhabitants of this app will make times harder.
Please look at their work.


Release Notes

ver. 1.4.1, May 2, 2011

Bug fix about background task.

ver. 1.4, Feb 23, 2011

Add some beautiful sounds and melodies (by Oliver Blank).

ver. 1.3, Sep 29, 2010

Add Setting view.

Add function of switching "Smoothness".

Add "Aged Film" effect.

ver. 1.2, Apr 21, 2010

Add switching view mode by tapping screen.

Switch background every two hours.

Optimized iPad.

Improved time object movement.

Add one dwarf.

ver. 1.1, Apr 5, 2010

Smooth the movement of time.

Produce stars.

ver. 1.0, Mar 28, 2010

First release.